Tax Disc Phone Number

0843 116 0047

Tax Disc

"Tax Credit Office Preston PR1 4AT"

A tax disc is evidence that the holder of a vehicle has paid the vehicle excise duty (VED). VED must be paid by every vehicle to be able to use public roads in the UK. The tax disc should be displayed on the particular vehicle as a proof of tax payment.

You can buy or renew tax disc for your vehicle online. You can pay for your tax disc online if:

  • You are the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • Your name, vehicle details and address are already present with the DVLA
  • Your vehicle is insured
  • You have your registration certificate (V5C) or reminder letter (V11 or V85/10)
  • You have your vehicle MOT (if needed)

After paying for tax disc online, you should receive it within the next five working days by post. If your vehicle is under disability tax class (exempt from vehicle tax), you can’t pay for your first tax disc online. You will need to do this at a tax disc issuing post office. You can claim disability exemption online if you have ‒ serial number of exemption certificate and the surname, date of birth and National Insurance Number.

You can apply for a tax disc upto two months prior to the expiry of your current disc. You will need the following:

  • The registration certificate (V5C)
  • A letter explaining why you need to apply in advance
  • Insurance certificate/cover note for the vehicle applicable to the new disc
  • A V85 for Heavy Goods Vehicles from the local DVLA office, or a V10 form for postal applications
  • A GVT or MOT certificate which will be valid when the new tax disc applies
  • You vehicle tax payment